Finding Your Mission and Purpose

If you knew you only possessed a limited amount of life, as in you didn’t have much longer to live…what is the one overwhelming message you would want to leave, not only with those you loved, but with the world in general?  In other words, what message are you so passionate about that you want everyone to know?  What wakes you up in the morning and keeps you going all day? What is the essence of your existence, and how would that translate into a message that you would leave with others?

While looking over some old writings today, I came across an article I had written for a women’s ministry I once led, challenging the readers to ponder these very questions.  I remember wanting to inspire them, as well as myself, to use these promptings  as part of a strategy to gain clarity of purpose, passion, and mission. It is through this little exercise that I became aware of the message that I couldn’t keep to myself, “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  Love others as yourself.  And don’t do any of it half-way! This is the only way to true happiness and fulfillment!”   

A lot has changed since writing this article six years ago.  But as I read this challenge, I was once again confronted with asking myself whether or not I was still assured of this mission and calling, and if so, how was I living it out today?

So I decided to do a little soul searching. I was reminded that even during times of discovery, uncertainty, or extreme fatigue, if we allow Him, God will not only reveal our mission, but along the way, He will work the miraculous and reveal divine insight into His calling in our lives.  He is never limited, therefore what He can do in and through us is never limited – if we chose to listen, hear, and then ultimately, get fully onboard! 

Whether we believe it or not, each one of us has a God designed mission that He desires for us to accomplish.  It's just up to us to decide if we'll do it.  Many missions and passions come as the result of painful experiences.  Other times, they are birthed out of great passion or excitement, sympathy or concern.  Then there are the times of realization of your calling through suffering and overcoming a grand obstacle, challenge, or even fear.  God often reveals our mission to us when we are seeking Him and His presence, looking to praise Him and Him alone, not looking for our own promotion or exalted position.

If we are to be effective in our mission and purpose, vulnerability and authenticity are required.  We have to be honest, imperfect in living it out - flaws and all.  We can't pretend to be superhuman or perfected in our execution of our mission - just authentic and real, flaws and all.  The world has had enough fake.  It wants real.  This goes for the Christian community as well.

The bottom line is that when we partner with Jesus Christ, in authentic relationship with Him, we become powerful forces to be reckoned with. The enemy may have been lying to you for years, convincing you that God wouldn’t trust you with a mission, or that you’re not smart or good enough to carry anything out. Can I just encourage you to tell him to shut the hell up?  Go ahead!  It’s time many of us did!   

So I’ll ask again…if you could impress ONLY ONE THING upon those around you, what would it be?  

As I asked myself this question this morning, I realize although the core of my mission has not changed, the way or venue of the accomplishment of this mission has been tweaked just a bit.   I believe I gained a bit of clarity today.  And that feels really good.

Knowing your mission, purpose and passion not only gives us clearer direction, but helps us to be more intentional and effective.   It can even help us say “No!” to those things that don’t align with what God’s given you to do. With this in mind, I encourage you to seek Him, ask, knock and press into His presence.  He’ll show you.   I have no doubt.